Serpinti yeni vegas arayışı kumarhanesi

Gommorah – Ölüm pençelerinde baskınlar yapın, yerleri arayın. Kahraman, onları sendikayı bozmaya ikna etmelidir; Bu nokta Serpinti yeni vegas arayışı kumarhanesi Savaşı’nda Lejyon’u desteklemeye ikna etti ve bunun için Hanların Red Rock’tan Colorado’ya kadar Mojave’ye sahip olacağını söyledi.

Karl, liderle arkadaş oldu ve onu, Hoover Barajı’nın isteğe bağlıdır, ancak ana karakter, Sezar’ın Büyük Hanlar’daki elçisi olan karakter Karl’ı kirletmeye çalışabilir; Ana karakter, Papa Khan’ı birliği bozmaya ikna etmelidir.

Tedarikçi, kendisiyle diyalogda serpinti yeni vegas arayışı kumarhanesi 40takas 35 koruyucuları ateşleyerek kapak üretimi için baskı makinesini kapatıyoruz. Ayrıca, deneyim puanı verdikleri için, arsa dışındaki görevleri için orada herkes. Onun sağlık problemleri olduğunu fark ederseniz tıp 50. Ekskavatör gibi bir tepeye tırmanabilirsiniz serpinti yeni vegas arayışı kumarhanesi oradan düşmanları.

Fallout: Yeni Vegas Casino jetonu Poker Slot makinesi, pürüzlü, çeşitli, etiket png | PNGEgg

Karmaşık bir şey yok: Yol boyunca yalnız robot veya kuvvet 7 seçerseniz, malları ücretsiz olarak verecektir. Arsa için Beagle’ı kurtarmak ya da vücudunu incelemek. Kız olarak oynarsanız – arenada sadece Benny, Lupa ve köpeklerle Çavuş Teddy’nin görevinde savaşabilirsiniz.

Jason size görünmez iblislerin – Gölgelerin – onlara yumruklarıyla tam olarak sakinleştirmek en kolayı. Julie şimdi size tercih ettiği ilaçlardan birini gündeaşkının hikayesini anlatacaktır.

Cumhuriyet gözlemcileri, Bitter Springs’i keşfetti ve NCR askerleri, onu bir akıncı kampı sanarak ona saldırdı. Bir robot ortağı iki oynayabilirken: Ed-eh..

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  1. RIP frontier hotel, I have a thinking that the next dead hotel will be Circus Circus

    1. @Always Bolt the Bird yeah mgm doesnt care about its non mega resorts

    2. unfortunately yeah. I went there a couple years ago and it was just dirty and horrible. The one table didnt even have $100 worth of chips i had to do only $50

  2. I thought that buildings taller than 5 stories are always built with a steel frame.

    1. @Geo Thomas plus it was built in the 80s so different building codes

  3. wait so were there pyrotechnicians on the casino manning the fireworks and then evacuated in those escape pods?

    1. @FreeStuffPlease . . . and only two of the four came down the lines.

  4. I love in the beginning of the introduction that they gave a good example of “don’t step on it Stacy” This brought me to tears 😂

  5. Its all drama bulshit if you want to watch the video turn the volume down you enjoyed a lot better

  6. Just out of curiosity, how many skeletal remains was found after demolition?

    1. Probably none, theyre all buried WAAAAAY out in the desert somewhere.

  7. Just shoot a nuke at it if all the other casino owners are dead they can’t sue!

    1. @884 Everything He isnt as rich as he makes out – thats why he wont let anyone see his tax records.

    2. The trump building was always boring with formal carpeting. Now he criticizes women and brags about how rich he is

  8. just amazing how they overcome the set-backs to make it all work….what a spectacular show but a hell of a lot of hard work put in by dedicated experts to make it all happen and all over in less than a minute…just the clean up afterward…

  9. for safety i figure that they would have the state of the art LED lights. they do sell 30.000 lumen lights and that would be more safety than those old type of lights.

    1. Its okay,I dont suffer from ATTENTION SPAN DEFICIT. I find the whole video interesting. Thats why they made it.

  10. Frontier Hotel directed by Michael Bay

  11. Removing asbestos is a hot and sweaty job

    I guess thats why I only see privileged men working at it?

  12. New home of the Wynn shopping center. Part of the issue also was part of the Trump is on the property.

    1. Give it a few weeks and someone will decide that the trump tower is illegal and must come down.

  13. soooo… why not wear respirators while handling the explosives?

    1. Family business. Doing it for years till now. They are experts on that craft. The people who wrapped those dynamite should wear respirator.

    2. LetterSlayer lol The point is to not die from inhaling toxic fumes… Do I seriously need to explain that?

    3. why? its not going to explode if it somehow got in your nose
      and if it does explode, a respirator isnt going to protect you

  14. The Frontier had such a neat and beautiful swimming pool…so sad that its all gone now.

    1. I was in that pool 1 time.
      Just after I hit a royal flush in video poker!

  15. 19:00 Its called the starDUST they should have seen that comming

  16. Its amazing to think of the people that lost their shirt in that casino. The people stareing out they windows of their suite with nothing left. Also the ones that walked away with life changing money. Everything goes to dust in the end!

  17. Hahaha they just the face where the real labors are in this movie???

  18. 10:25 Its not a Skidster, its a Bobcat with a special bucket.

    P.S. They should have blow up TRUMP Tower!! Hate that man. Worst American President Ever!!!

  19. Good family and really knows there craft;but do yaw hired any good black guys Lol

    1. @Keith Sawyer hmmmmm,nothing personal no need to be offended are you offended?

  20. does anyone else think it is ironic that two of the neighboring properties are owned by two men reputed to be con-men and some the NASTIEST people to deal with (Steve Wynn and Donald tRUMP)? Personally, if it wouldnt hurt my reputation and business if I had been CDI I would have tried to cover BOTH in dust and debris!

  21. It ironic that the property still has nothing there after the building was removed.

    1. Is Vegas the tourist trap it used to be. No rat pack entertainment.
      No Stars 😀❗ No real move Stars either 👎😕

  22. I was lucky enough to live in Vegas when this came down. If you ever get a chance to see something like this take it and see it. It will probably be in the top 10 memories

  23. I only hope the team were alright after all of this was done considering all the Cancers & health risk exposed too .

  24. uh, all the blast loaders would have to do to avoid fumes from tnt would be to wear a charcoal mask. that would cut a LOT of the problem. they could also easily wear silicon latex or nylon gloves, which would not interfere with them being able to load. these are just women trying to overcompensate and look tough, for no real reason at all.

  25. Out with the old and in with the new…Society flying headlong into destruction..The History of that Place, the people who went there and the Memories. the Whos who of entertainment that went there…all Gone…Sad…Your future utopia will not stand either, It will fall also….technology is a monster that destroys itself from within…

  26. I used to believe CDI was a professional demo contractor, but after watching a few of their videos… not so much. They didnt know the building was hot for asbestos and installing chain link before the women arrive? Poor scheduling

    1. and yet, people still higher them for jobs because they are good at what they do.

  27. Eye sore had to go. I was there in Las Vegas 2.5 years ago . I would have watched from 35 th floor in Trump Tower. Would have hated for that Frontier whatever to be in the way . It was no match to the wealthy area.💥💥🏆

  28. Stacy and her sister should wear PPE like good mask and gloves so they dont inhale those chemicals from that dynamite

  29. The extreme biggest ones will probably one go down with a nuke

  30. if the zip line didnt work, then the barrels would be shot out by the explosions into the crowd

  31. I noticed that they didnt mention two of those firework controllers failed to go down the zip lines like they were supposed to.

  32. If the explosives are giving the workers headaches, shouldnt they be wearing respirators? Would this not be an OSHA requirement? This isnt a third world country…

    1. Youve never been in the demoliton business if you wear a mask itll make it worse

  33. 8:45: Talking about removal of interior wall portions: Taking out more may cause this house of cards to collapse.. Isnt that the desired result, safely of course? Guess no one reviewed narrators text before it was given for reading. Same type of thing mentioned a few minutes later. If a few interior blasts can drop it, dont need all the hubub. Just drop the damned thing. Also, set for 2:30 am. Date? …a typical miss these days…

    1. Thats the trouble. you dont really want the building, or maybe just a part of it, to come down on your head.

  34. It’s been over 12 years since it was demolished, 2 rejected Casino plans and a land sale later and still nothing. They might aswell have just kept it standing and open for all the hassle of knocking it down for nothing

    1. its better to have removed it actually, even if nothing is built there it could collapse on it own or people could have gone in and either scrapped what little is left or squatted in it. the place was already abandon and falling apart. its a a lot harder to fix and repair a abandon building to make a new one.

    2. Doesnt Vegas have enough casinos already? Why not build a park or something, everything has to be covered by buildings… I dont understand that thinking.

    3. should not demolish it. shud just turn it into a mall or shelter

    4. Wynn west seems to be making some progress. I’d build a 100-story tower if that didn’t happen.

  35. 250 pounds of twisted steel and sex appeal is my new mantra.

  36. “We’re breathing in tonnes of the stuff.” Ever heard of face masks, the proper stuff?

  37. Guys, please tell everyone about this channel it deserves 3 million at least

  38. This is what they mean when they say they dont make em like they used to

  39. what do you mean she cant wear gloves? what if the wires have rust or something? there are no gloves on earth made for construction, demolition, or anything like that? she has to simply be okay with slicing her hands up in over 5,000 holes? that doesnt sound right

  40. Theres this saying in Vegas, if its more than 30 years old, it get tore down for something new.

    1. I remember when Georgia dome was imploded. It was not even 30 years old

    2. But.. Mirage is 30 years old and isnt going anywhere for a long time

    3. No there isnt. Theres no saying like that at all in Vegas, where did you come up with that?

  41. 22:45

    Watch as a careless man literally just slams a box of dynamite on top of another box. Wow. I cant believe they let this cat into society.

    Tempting fate is a very bad idea when dealing with explosives.

  42. Anyone else cheering for a certain building to get some damage?

  43. Ive yet to see a demolition documentary where this man wasnt bemoaning the fact that the construction engineers did their jobs correctly! Still , these videos make real vivid viewing

  44. I noticed that two of the firework detonator exit buckets didnt detonate.

  45. 21:42 they don’t need portable toilets, the hotel’s bathroom includes an open-air concept

  46. Sound is terrible. I can hardly hear it. Even WINDOWS HELP CANNOT help me. BUMMER. Amazing though how they can knock them down when they seem to be so well built. Re enforced, etc. 11 24 2020

  47. Oh my God are you kidding me the women have headaches what a surprise

  48. Not only the best job in the world but the coolest people ever you guys are awesome

  49. I always love watching documentary shows & urs are awesome to watch. And always have front row seats.Ty

  50. This implosion was one of the best ones Ive ever seen. I love the pyrotechnic countdown and plunger. It was amazing

    1. Cothk it’s too bad that his building wasn’t accidentally knocked down…

  51. This is an exposed detonator. If someone was to step on this it would bring down the whole building. We put a rock next to it so people will have to step over the rock. And in doing so step on the EXPOSED DETONATOR. Because of its name we have to leave this type of detonator exposed. Some inexperienced crew members try and cover the detonator for protection and make it impossible to harm it. But a good talking to explains why we must leave it EXPOSED. And yes they let me handle huge quantities of explosives because I are smart.

  52. I would hate to be married to that explosives lady, she complains about everything.

  53. In her younger days I lost $1500 in a half hr., made it up next day at the Riv

  54. Making a firework and big show out of a demolition. Only in America, lol 😀

  55. the blast didnt break any windows at Trump

    how unfortunate.

  56. How did the frontier engine of space flight simulator get its name the frontier Hotel Nevada

  57. What a shame it didnt smash any of trumps windows😂😂😂😂

    1. Just think of the cost of replacing one window – more than the profit that CDI made from the blowdown.

    2. What ever hes fat head up to his neck in shit 😂😂😂😂😂

    3. Cue the losers who spew blind hate at President Trump.

  58. 8:42 well isn’t collapse meant to happen? That is the whole point of their project

    1. Well yeah, but every worker inside would be killed if it happened that way.

  59. The Frontier was the trickiest implosion ever . Steve Wynn and President Trump did not want anything to hit their buildings. traditionally when you drop a building you blow the foundation and it topples over they cant do that here because President Trump will sue them and so will Wynn if a chunk of concrete lands in their penthouses. The solution is to blow the floors from the ground up in domino fashion. C4 and SEMTEX can not be used on this job shape charges contain RDX which is a trade name for the plastic explosives found in C4 and SEMTEX. If they use RDX the blast will send shrapnel and Trumps million dollar towers will be hit with debris. So for this one they go old school Dynamite but Dynamite has its flaws it can not blow up reinforced steel so before they blast it all steel has to be removed and cut with a torch before they put the dynamite in the walls.

  60. CDI has their list of Mob era casinos that they blew up. In 93 the Dune was blown up Wynn bought the property it is now the Bellagio. 94 the Landmark met its fate this land became Treasure Island. 95 they blew up Sands the Venetian and the Trump Tower stands here today. The Hacienda was next in 96 it became Mandalay Bay. two years later Aladdins was next it took two years to bring down it is now the Fashion Place Mall and Planet Hollywood. For New Years in 2000 CDI blew up the El Rancho it became the Turnberry Towers and The Draw. 2001 The Desert Inn was blown up and the property is now owned by Trump and Steve Wynn and the Wynn Building and the Trump Tower are located on it. In 2006 The Castaway met its fate it was replaced by a newer bowling ally. In 2006 CDI also blew up the Bourbon Street, the Boardwalk, and the Stardust. In 2007 the Frontier met its fate Steve Wynn is trying to finish the project for President Trump but set backs have delayed it and soon new buildings will rest here.

    1. @Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography not even close on what replaced them

    2. @House Owner I fixed my mistakes these are all the casinos that CDI blew up.

  61. Am I the only one who skips up every once in a while to get closer to the demolition?

    1. Probably, theres a reason its called a *documentary*, as in it documents the process leading up the explosion. Whats the point of watching a documentary if you arent going to watch the process from the beginning?

  62. 11:42 Should have just had the jet fly into it. Would have saved alot of extra work.

  63. i just want to see the building blown up i dont care about all this prep work just get on with it

  64. should of locked that
    ahole Fill Ruffan inside of the dump

  65. Jajajajaj last inspection at night whit no lights looking for any problems on the wires

  66. Samfs could turn these into apartments n just expand. Worthless buncha fucks

  67. does anyone have any pictures of what the hotel looked like on the inside before it closed??
    because it looked like it used to be a beautiful hotel!

  68. The fireworks were uninspiring – added nothing to the show.

  69. They should wear masks to the stop the inhalation of nitro.

  70. I go to Vegas during CES, when its busiest. Its no where near as busy as NYC in the middle of the night. Vegas is mostly a shit hole.


    Then don’t u put a mask including your eyes.

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