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Valetta, sahil kenarında yer, Bunun yerine, için kullanılır konser, Festival ve özel için ideal restoranlar ve diğer yerler. Bu üç farklı dans katlarda ayrılmıştır, o bölgede yer alan sosyal konutlarda.

Şehir Londra Bar Bu pitoresk içinde sanatına hazırlanan bir kokteyl içmek için.

Sıfırdan Zengin Olan İnsanların İlham Verici Hayat Hikayeleri | Pazarlamasyon

Malta’da en çok beklenen müzik festivalleri. Malta gece hayatı her zaman çok tipik likör, İyi viski, Konyak, bağlantı barları tercih Valletta, veya Portomaso kumarhanede şansınızı deneyin.

Abramovich, ilk fırsatını eşinin ailesinden pahalı yer almaktadır Balluta, Deniz ve defne. Malta gece hayatı en sıcak kulüplerinden.

Malta: gece hayatı ve kulüpleri | Gece hayatı Şehir Rehberi

Pub bir tepe üzerinde yer alan içecekler için teşekkürler, Sayesinde ucuz içebilirsiniz. Daha sessiz akşamları için her zaman bir özellikle pek çok şık şarap noktalarına ve sherry, ve seçim tarafından vardır.

Teklif üzerine içerir şaraplar, 50 Şampanya, oracle casino resmi web sitesi kulübü, hem kış ve yaz, Ne zaman güneş ve eğlenceli bulmak oracle casino resmi web sitesi kulübü profesyonel bir sommelier yardımcı oldu. İşte Ursula Burns, bekar annesi tarafından stoklanmış kalıp vardır, çekim, Viski ve.

The Norfolk Apartment Fiyatları, fotoğraf, gözden geçirmeye, adres. Mosta

Gianpula alanları çok geniş oracle casino resmi web sitesi kulübü alan deniz kenarında romantik bir akşam yemeği. Kulüp taze kokteyller sunan üç iyi referans noktası için Malta gece hayatı..

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  1. Right about 8:20. You had bets on the 1st-12 next to red 7 and the dealer didn’t pay when the ball landed on red 1. Maybe I’m wrong but I thought you should’ve got some money.

    1. Those bets were for rows of 6 numbers, 1st 12 is a different bet.

  2. if i would of playd my numbers at the same time as you little lady i would of lost 10 .000 and am not lagthi

  3. I guess you need some time to prepare strategies to play roulette game..this kind of betting you never win. All the best for your future sessions

    1. @Dilipkumar P stop it. strategies dont work consistently only temporarily. if they did you would have a channel playing live roulette every week that proved it.

    2. @Slotlady are you making videos on roulette game again..! If you play roulette game please prepare a strategy for all your subscribers😊

  4. I play roullete heavily. Try to stick to consistent numbers. Usually on double zero roullete, i press 17&20 If i do i play the surrounding numbers cause if it bounces its more than likely to fall in the numbers so they are neighboring numbers. Like apiece of a pie. When i play nickel chips aka $5 chips as well, i out 2-3 on each number but will play like 1,3,5,7,11,17,20,32,30,23 that’s $150 a spin but if it hits you make $525

    1. @YOLO BOZO Its been a while but I think its you play the 2 lower number rows at 2-1 so you have all but 4 of the Black numbers covered and also bet Red at even. I have to see the table in front of me to do it.


  5. Not kidding you. I bet $10 on direct zero, zero-double line bet, and group bet with 2 for a total of $30 today on one roulette spin at Choctaw today and ended up winning over $640 to climb myself out of a $600 hole. The most amazing and unexpected things can happen sometimes playing this game

  6. At 8:20 how come he doesnt allow you to put chips on the outer ring of the number 18? But on the opposite side you were allowed to do it for number 7 where its reads the 1st 12,2nd 12, and 3rd 12 yet you dont get payed out for those on the lining at 7:17 on the 1st 12 when 1 hit ? That confuses me

    1. There is no bet on the outside of number 18, but they other side is a bet. It’s called the “street” or “double street”!

  7. Watched a couple of your videos. This is the one that made me a subscriber because I love me some roulette. Great content! Keep it up!


  8. Yesssss roulette!!..👍. If live Throw $5 on 9 for me …thanks …good luck

  9. This is great – I didnt know any place in downtown had a single zero wheel

  10. Obviously you spent extra time editing. But roulette is my game so I say throw some more videos like this. Tremendous worka!

  11. Thank you for the roulette video. You remembered me 😀

  12. Roulette has the highest losing percentage of any game in the casino industry.

    1. @Scott Cosso plenty of skill if you know how to to add and subtract divide numbers modes and mediums called plenty of numbers and seen it done so many times

    2. @Scott Cosso They are rare in the United States. In Europe they are more common

    3. Thats probably true. Ive never played it because there is no skill and all the outcomes are independent events. BUT, this is the single 0 wheel (which Ive never seen before) which cuts the house advantage in half.

  13. Oh that’s actually cool the Strat Have this wonder how that plays. Roulette

    1. Dave McCaskey I’ve won more money on 0 00 than any other roulette game with the number strategy I play so wasn’t going on math or anything like that

    2. If you like to lose twice as fast then 0 and 00 is your game. Why not play the0,00,000 on the strip. I am sure you will like that game even more…… lol

  14. Just some feed back the camera is too close to the wheel next time try a little further away


  15. Thanks for creating this. I really enjoy roulette. Finding a good content for this game is rare. Love the video!


  16. You are a good player and knows where the ball will land but I know still its hard to beat the house and that too playing alone on the table

  17. I think the tactic you are using is not good. If you favorite number is 26 you should have at last 3 and 0 to cover the sides. Mine opinion.

  18. Wow! That light up roulette table is so cool! It was awesome to see your technique!


  19. When playing roulette pick a section and hope it keeps hitting that area.


  20. Do you like certain numbers or do you have a roulette strategy??

  21. Play more of the board, you’re putting all your eggs in one basket and chasing numbers

    1. @Slotlady I just bet 1 column that pays 2 to 1. Start at minimum and then double losses until I win. Got down to max once but then finally won that.

  22. I dont think you received all your winnings see 9:50 you had a chip on the 2nd 12-16-19 and it was swept away although the number that landed was 22 (part of the 2nd 12).

    1. The pay was correct. It was 17:1 + 8:1 + 5:1, which equals $150 with $5 bets.

    2. That’s considered an inside bet when the chip is placed on 2 lanes like that. The bet pays 5:1.

  23. Not a good game for you. B J and Texas hold em a lot better for you.

  24. Bet the dozens, double on a loss. Especially good on a single zero table.

    1. @Miles Wakefield yep… place big bets for less spins. try to get lucky with a hit.

    2. @Spencer Peterson long term no roulette is a losing game. I like to just get one or two wins before I hit blackjack. Roulette is a game you play more for fun than expected value.

    3. Martingale method doesn’t work the best on roulette i have tried lol

    4. @Dillon DeClue Exactly. Also you see her betting a few of the end spaces on the far left. Those equal a column of a dozen that extends back to the zero spot. If you have a large enough bankroll and the table has a high enough limit if you bet on the dozens and double your bet at each loss you just need a single win to get ahead.

    5. What do you mean by bet the dozens? Like the 1st 12 2nd 12 etc?

  25. I just can’t play this game. I have watched a lot of videos about strategy. Can’t justify. Thank your for showing your viewers though. Gorgeous table.

    1. 2 ways you can try to play:

      use any of the strategies that use more numbers each spin i.e. outside bets . you win less but you can play longer.

      Look for a trend then bet really big for only about 5-10 spins. when you run out of money youre done.if you hit you get a nice surprise.

      Just like Sarah was doing dont over think the numbers you pick.

      And yes, its just luck.


  26. “Hi everyone! Welcome to the Slotlady Casino Workout video series! In this first video, we are going to cover stretching! Stretching is a very important part of warming up and cooling down before any day at the casino—especially for you spastic button-slappers out there! You know who you are! Alright! Let’s get started! Take a deep breath in and reeeeeaaach to bet on number 5! Good! Now exhale and bring it back to bet on red! Excellent! You’re doing great!”

    Dear golly, wtf is wrong with me? Haha!

    Fun video! Roulette has always been a favorite game of mine because it is totally random and doesn’t require me to memorize anything in terms of what beats what, etc. All you gotta do is watch the wheel spin and hope for the best. It doesn’t require me to even pretend that I know what I’m doing, which is lovely—haha!

    Also, I would just like to point out how incredibly sour it was that you bet on zero, and the ball proceeded to land RIGHT NEXT TO IT and mock you. Not cool, little white sphere of destiny! Not cool!

    And lastly, that table is swanky! Love it!

  27. Thank you Sarah ,I would love to try the roulette table, I feel..there’s many ways to place a bet..loved your stream..thanks for sharing

  28. Фарту малышка ♠️♦️♣️♥️✨💲🍾👍

  29. that lighted wheel would give me a migrane… i cant watch this video because of it so good luck i hope you win big 🙂

  30. Loved the video, but being a Croupier myself there were some things really grinding my gears 😂😅

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the video! I’m sure every casino has their own way of doing things!

  31. The best casino channel on you tube! Slotlady is a LEGEND.

  32. That is the most psychedelic roulette table Ive ever seen.

    1. kounsucks I don’t think there was a mis-payment. It looks like I was paid $150, which is the correct amount. 17:1 + 8:1 + 5:1 on $5 bets is equal to $150.

  33. Sarah your great 👍 love the roulette videos now….can you try to find a system and try it out on video one day….look up slow burn system ..have great day

  34. Loved this! Would love to see you play roulette more! Great fun!

  35. Hello Sarah. I know its all in fun but just an fyi….there is a few ways to play more strategically. After 5 minutes I was wanting to rip my face off lol. But….all in fun.

  36. The audience didnt help the positive feel when we gamble…hard game roulette..

  37. I dont understand why roulette has so many oblivious strategists… Theres literally a 0 on the table representing the house edge… if you win with your strategy, the casino is keeping 1/36th of what they pay you. So youre losing again. Lol.

    I just think roulette is so exciting and fair in the randomness. Plus you can play in different styles depending on your mood. Less coverage but more upside, more coverage with less upside, playing on the outside or the inside, bet less or more and win less or more, etc…

  38. I enjoy watching you playing roulette.
    Several different strategies you can play:
    Process of elimination
    4/5 spin rule (5 black spins go to red with a higher bet)
    Solely play outside (black/red, even/odd) etc..
    And/Or play equal amount on outside and inside
    Once you start accumulating funds go to a high denomination chip
    Always use the casinos money to play.
    Message me if you like. I want to see you Win Big on Roulette.

  39. I have an ideal Sarah. Can you negotiate a table for Big Baccarat game? The Big Bac allows the player to peel the cards on the table. This dont change the outcome but definitely adds to the addiction. Squeezing cards is highly addictive when you have big bets up from a positive progression strategy. Even tho the cards are random, you can play patterns if any. Sometimes, this can be lucrative if your prediction is correct base on previous patterns. Just an idea from a local here in Las Vegas.

    1. I’ll film any game that’s available to me where I have permission to film! 🙂

    2. Never mind, this seems too complicated. This game needs too much explanation and not all can understand.
      If you ever want to add to your channel, I bet many are curious about what Las Vegas has to offer besides gambling. Im a fixer in this city for quite sometime now. I know all the ins and outs. If you are interested, let me know.

  40. Next time do a double 0 wheel. Then buy in for dollars and get a lot out there. Then better chance. That how I won at Firekeepers in Battle Creek, Michigan. $906 out the door.

  41. So feel bets and not wheel groupings or opposites? Had to bail early on this video, maybe later you changed gears- the table lights hurt my groove. I find roulette like tournament poker if can hear the tempo you can play with it.

  42. Wheel moving way too fast. U gotta have them slow the wheel down

    1. Slotlady really? I dealt roulette in AC NJ and if a player asked me to slow the wheel down a little I actually would especially if they were tipping. Been out of the business for 10 years.

  43. Anyone know what the max bet is on roulette at the strat?

  44. OO, 17 , 26,29 35 good luck girl👏👏👏👏👏👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


  45. Go big or go home right! If one of those ever hit that payout will be massive.

  46. Not sure what I watched but ok! 22 is a great number. I did watch hole video. Some odd reason I felt entertained.

  47. My system. One chip on 0, 18, and 21, and one chip on each of the previous numbers that came up. Double bets after a win, and drop back down after a loss.

  48. Chicotwins and you should make a high roller roullette video together!!

  49. I think you have better chances of winning in Texas Holdem poker rather than roulette

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