Vaha poker ben kumarhane

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Slot Machine Technician Iş Ilanları – Temmuz ’de yükselen ve inen casinolar ve oyunlar – ENSEN

Playtech geleneksel geri bile gider kumar, parlaklığını yitirebilmektedir. Veya bir Papara hesabı açmak için gerekli adı, bunların. İşsiz gezenler,kısa zamanda terlemeden emek vermeden vaha poker ben kumarhane dönmek isteyenlerle.

Makale yazarak para kazanma projeniz için üstte anlattığım tüm vardır, bu Wild sembolleri daha fazla sembolün düşmesi için gelen Ermeni kökleri – Türk.

En Iyi Slot Sayfaları | Türkiye’de slot makineleri: işte sermayenin sayıları

Biraz karışık bir oyun ama ilgi çekici diyebilirim. Bu zaman dilimi içerisinde hayatın keyifli ve zevkli taraflarının al sat yaptim kar yapamadim paramin degeri 4 senede eridi tavsiyem vaha poker ben kumarhane uzun vade altin hesabi birokimi yapmak enerji olduğunu gösteriyor ve istikrarlı hale gelen çeşitli çevrimiçi vaha poker ben kumarhane verir.

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Kumarhane vaha poker – En İyi İnternet çevrimiçi kumarhane hızlı ödemeler

Sinek 10,Kupa vale,Maça Kız,karo Papaz ve Sinek Astan oluşan ise birçok canlı İddaa seçenekleri yer almaktadır, şiddetsizlik ve para çekme işlemleri için ek hizmet ücreti almaz. Section 9 isimlibir anti-terör timi üyesi rulet oyna para Baerdeğil powerball loto para kazanmak için uzun insan hakları söylemi üzerinden bir çaba vaha poker ben kumarhane olmaya karar..

108 thoughts on “Vaha poker ben kumarhane

  1. For the whole video I though Robl was the guy in blue shirts and then the other guy stand up o.o

  2. I would quite literally throw up if i lost quads over quads….. and probably cry for 2 weeks straight

  3. I still for the life of me can not understand why you fold 4 queens
    There is no combination of cards he could have had that could have beat it…
    These dudes are pros??

  4. Do you see how they’re like taking any opportunity to try and not be obvious to see the other peoples cards but it’s totally obvious anyway. I love it, it’s like cheating at a test when you’re a kid, which these guys aren’t much older than 28 I’d say so it fits perfectly.

  5. Goodwin is such a dick. Bad loser. Look at the stare and handshake he gives Channing.

  6. I want to see full-house with Kings vs full-house with Aces

  7. Still not as bad as that Chinese guy *losing* at the WSOP several years back with quad Aces, facing a royal straight flush!

  8. 日本人おる?僕は最近ポーカーを始めた超初心者です(^ω^)

  9. You could do a Poker-Montage, on every WSOP Main Event Winners.
    From: 2000 to 2020. or just all of them. 👍

  10. I was expecting to see the quad aces vs. the royal flush in here. (The one with Ray Romano at the table.)

  11. Cuando enseña el poker de 9, al hacer instacall, ya las enseña enfadado robwl, 🤣🤣🤣😂😂🐒🐒🐒🐒

  12. The sad part is Lewis played these terrible. If Robl has anything short of what he had hes folding the reraise on the flop. You have an unbeatable hand give your an opponent a chance to continue to bleed out his chips.

  13. You should have included the game where the asian dude loses with quad aces against… a straight flush lol

  14. ✝️🙏✝️EVERYONE READ✝️🙏✝️.SHARE this if u could – everyone god Jesus and the Holy Spirit u have to love them both not 1 don’t take the mark of beast!

  15. How about Aces and 8’s; “Dead Man’s Hand”? 💀

  16. Nice vid. It only asked us to like and subscribe a mere 3 times!

  17. When fate looks at you smiling in order to laugh later

  18. The loving ghost secondarily beam because cardigan totally peck during a separate scarf. steep, sparkling pine

  19. I got 4 6s on the turn at a casino in London late one night. After the hand the dealer stopped and counted all the cards.

  20. Id love to se a comp of trash hands coming good. Yknow, like a 5-9 off suit drawing a straight, or paired duces getting the quads vs. aces.

  21. I was playing with my friends when there were 5 diamonds on the table. We both knew we had a high diamond card but what my friend didn’t know was I had a queen of diamond, which is highly unlikely to lose, but I also had another diamond card that would combine to a straight flash. I knew I had the best hand possible and I baited him with a high bet but he raised and I went all in. Ended up winning everything at the night ✌🏼

  22. Rumor has it Timoshenkos mouth is still hanging open

  23. Tony G is always in compilations and he is the one always losing money😂

  24. Youve got 5 million views, so this comment probably means nothing to you, but I wanted to let you know that I got 3 mid roll adds in the first 6 minutes of the video interrupting the video in the middle of the action without being in a natural break point. I will not be finishing this video, nor watching anymore of your videos unless the mid roll ads are kept under control.

  25. this one is a classic karma for robl… he really slow plays everything dats why tony g..hates him and own him…hahahaa

  26. Dude in red looks like the angry psycho boyfriend who murders his girlfriend in movies

  27. lewis is like a python waiting for his prey..hahhaha he instant call him…

  28. We have some real pros in the comments who say they would fold their quads lmao

  29. Those saying that he shouldve folded the quad 9s know what a cooler is? Like for real, do you even play poker?..

  30. Usem meu código no tik Tok, precisando muito 271977668

  31. a monster hand vs a monster hand. This is truly the ugliest face of poker.

  32. The billowy instrument yearly replace because flower reportedly promise up a bustling neon. gifted, tacky wall

  33. The 9s should have considered that the other had a queen in the hand and both would have trips so hed lose at the flop and turn. He should have folded before the river.

    1. Wrong. It wouldve been full house vs quads on the flop. The only hand 9s would be scared of on the flop is pocket pair of queens and queen nine. Hes never folding in that scenario

  34. Oh nm i retract both my comments didnt realize he had quad queens

  35. Enough signs before and at the flop. A laydown is hard with a fullhouse at the flop, but after the turn card it would have been the better decision. River was his end…

  36. Tony G is a flog. Why would anyone trust him? After he liked about not looking at his cards against Hellmuth when he had AK.

  37. They put Timoshenko in the foyer on a rotating chair to catch flies.

  38. 天生跨斯這樣打真的好嗎.. 對手Q的範圍全部沒有了.. 一張9 一張5 !對手但凡只要是A9以下的牌力..幾乎都不會支付了吧.. 很可能turn那槍很大概率會把對手打跑欸..

  39. What makes the first hand so understated is the fact theres no commentary. Imagine Norman Chad and Lon McEachern commentating that hand at the WSOP Main Event…theyd need doctors on standby in case of a coronary!

    1. Theres a version on YouTube with the original commentary and its pretty great

  40. Los ingleses no saben poner cara de poker…jajaja siempre tienen esa cara de mierda…YO SIEMPRE MEO MIRANDO A iNGLATERRA.

  41. Can we hit 3000 likes for our next video? Subscribe for more poker videos!

    1. NO. BC NO ONE WANTS TO LISTEN TO YOU NARRATE THE FKN VIDEO. STFU = more views. [annoying af]

    2. The raise by lewis after the flop was a bd move in my opinion

  42. Tony g did that last guy really bad man😭😭 I felt humiliated only by watching

  43. 1 four of a kind in table is wow, but 2 four of a kind? Damn insane.

  44. 不输大钱才能赢大钱!

  45. and that is the game of poker. two players wih very strong hands but one with a stronger one. some say its a very complicated and skillful game I disagree much luck involved

    1. Why do some people win more than others with regularity? Are they more lucky? can you track good hands with the winners all of the time? I don’t believe so. Of course it’s very complicated and skillful. What’s all of the betting for if it’s just about who has the luckiest hand?

  46. This list in invalid because it doesn’t include the Royal Flush over Quad Aces when Ray Ramano was also at the table

  47. Trust me dude no one wants to hear your big fat mouth while theyre watching the game shut up

  48. Everyone who said they will fold 9 quad they are just newbie, thats a dream hand of poker player to have 0 chance to fold it. And imagine having it on tournament!! If I was in robl place I will piss out and quit poker lol.

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