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drive casino depozito yok bonus

ücretsiz Casino Depozito Yok Aam | Casino para yatırmadan hoşgeldin bonusu

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200 thoughts on “Drive casino depozito yok bonus

    1. @faceless strange! Was it a one time thing, or does it happen every time?

    2. When I didnt have the security pass it worked but once I did the heist prep it stopped working

    3. Havent had that problem. As far as I remember they dont usually appear on the minimap until youre exiting the casino, and they can be either in the laundry room or waste disposal – Lester should tell you which.

    1. Key card, or security pass?
      Key card is a mandatory prep, security pass is as simple as selecting the second option and doing the prep.
      See 0:08

    1. Its just a level 2 security pass, same as all the other doors.

  1. I need help for this heist PS4. I’ll give u 25% if ur down

    1. This is the high roller outfit. You get it by collecting the playing cards from around the map.

  2. 1 little tip for you guys, try next time just go through the security room, dont even pay attention on what theyll say, just go through. Works well, so far. Just dont let this patrolling guard seen you swipe the card, hell be peaced off. 😎😊😄

    1. @FACR Fazed Hello! 😄 Lets see what you got here. 😎😊

    2. @Smiley Johnson  got a little video for you! Goes live at 20.30 UK time tonight 😀

    3. Call me when youll complete a clear run, hard, on elite (any approach goes), using only getaway cars (but, Dont forget to upgrade it first), and Ill click on that 🖒 button, and Ill leave for you a couple good comments. Thats the Deal. 😎🤘

    1. @Vexker Vlogs you may have not payed for a good gunman. Although im not sure how much that lays into it.

    2. @FACR Fazed Noy for me it’s only available when the alarms go off

    3. The weapons bag? Its always available at any time in the heist, but it usually spawns in the waste disposal room.

  3. Crazy how you can just use a mod and get rid of the wanted level

  4. The way they came flying in and the plane blew up sent me😂

    1. You can run past it if youre quick.
      First person moves faster than third, so always use first person with gold (as gold slows you down)
      All other contents can be done with third person, although it is slightly risky!

    1. @Dagavanga639 If you always take the easy option, you will never improve yourself
      And its boring as fuck!

  5. The most helpful vid I’ve seen it donkers years. 👍🏻

    1. Only the entrance route though! Please dont use the exit we did… thanks for the comment, bud, I appreciate it a lot!

  6. im stuck at this heist 1 months! now this video helped me a lot!

    1. Cool! Just make sure to use the regulsar exit through the staff lobby or waste disposal – the way we took over the roof was just us messing about!

    1. Kinda. You move faster in first person than third. It is possible to do in third, just easier in first.

  7. Would it change anything if u do the Duggan shipments

    1. Only in the event something goes wrong – guns are only silenced when doing silent and sneaky so you cant shoot here without being discovered anyway.

    1. @FACR Fazed thanks I didn’t know u couldn’t run lol

    2. @Dom Principi the one in the horseshoe around the elevator shaft? It can be a little tricky (because you cant run) but there is no secret to it TBH. Just gotta time it right!

  8. How do you just walk in like that they keep killing me

    1. You need to have your guns away (not in your hand) and dont bump into the guards. Its as simple as that!

    1. Just finished the edit, itll go live at 19:30 GMT today.

    2. OK… there is no link as its still on my laptop… ill upload it later today! (28th Jan)

    3. Thanks, man! Glad I could help!
      As Smiley mentioned in the comments, there is another way of doing this one too… give me a minute and Ill find the link.

  9. Holy crap! Who would have thought this little old video would ever reach 50 thousand views?!? Not me, thats for sure!
    Thanks to all of you for watching!

    Edit (2weeks later): 63 thousand views…

    Edit May 18th : 73 thousand views…

    Edit June 3rd: 84 thousand…

    1. @dário that is the High Roller exit. To get it you collect 54 playing cards from all around the map. Once collected, its yours forever.

    2. @Joe Crow does basic math scare you?
      You make the assumption that Im not female IRL…

    1. This particular disguise?
      Its the high roller outfit, you get it by collecting 54 playing cards from around the map. All the exit disguises spawn in the washer.

  10. Cool i didnt know about the drill skip

  11. Me and my mate did it we collected the key cards but then we had to hack every single on which made it much harder

    1. @nuckingfuts there are 2 doors into that area – the one in this clip, and one on the right just before it. Make sure the door you try has a blue light on the keypad, not a red one.

    2. @FACR Fazed i got the level 2 cards and it still wont let me through that door

    3. Just part of the prep – select key cards, and before launching the mission make sure youre getting level 2 cards (the one with both valet and dealer in the picture)

    4. Yeah, those hacks are tough! Ive only ever done them once. And that was enough for me!

    1. @Smiley Johnson Do heists with random. Im %100 sure you will find someone who couldnt land the helicopter properly.

    2. @Smiley Johnson Are doctors saying Doing surgery is ez, you noobs xd ? This is the same thing. You can be a good pilot ingame, i am a good pilot ingame. But thats because WE have skill. Thats not mean its easy!

    3. @Smiley Johnson And one more thing. You didnt even see me in game. How the fuck are you calling me a bad player?

    4. @Smiley Johnson This guy did the Bugstar approach very professionaly. And you called him a noob for using the heli. Listen to yourself man!

    5. @Smiley Johnson What? So there are bad players in the game because i am bad? What drug are you using man?

  12. I’m see how this works lmao this shit look to true and easy to complete 😂😂😂💯🔫🔫👀👍🏾

    1. You said you were gonna try it out. I just wondered if you had.

    1. Kinda… no. Any route can be modified to some degree, but this is the only one that such a large change can me made

    1. I guess you failed to look at any of my other videos? Stick to minecraft, bro.

  13. Yall made it harder than it needed to be u can do it first try on hard mode asking as you dont do that dumb extra shit

    1. @FACR Fazed u idiot thats not what I mean I did extra stuff when its a under 10 min heist and so easy

    1. There is always 2 choices of weapons, for all the crew
      All you do is select the prep mission and scroll left or right to change the weapon. Lots of the preps have multiple choices.

  14. Litterally could have used staff exit instead just use that yall spent more time going to the roof just a tip for next time

    1. Weve done the staff lobby exit dozens of times. Just playing around here, thats all..

    2. i do like how you used the helo instead of driving there all around could have been better

  15. Bois i need help with the PS4 bugstars entrance, is anyone up for the robbery? Ill give 20%, 25% if you ask, its my first time and i cant do it with a random

    1. I’m on pc and have cross play enabled if u want help

  16. if only we can ignore the poison gas it would have been better

    1. 2 really good hackers and a bit of luck with the layout, you can use Christian for artwork. For gold I always use Avi. This heist has Avi as hacker.

    2. By picking more expensive hackers. Paige will give 3m15 and Avi 3m30 I believe.

    1. Thanks! I appreciate that! Just ignore the exit route… thats not the ideal way to do it! Have a look at this one – its much better!

  17. Hi could you help me with heist pls I play on xbox and my friends dont play gta often I tried with randoms it didnt work pls
    help me

    1. Yeah, chances of success with random is low… if we are ever on at the same time, sure!, hit me up and we can blast through it!
      My GT is the channel name!

  18. Can I do it with you I m on xbox and I have everything to do it and I have a arcade !

    1. Dont think Ill be on until Monday at the earliest… family and work get in the way of gaming!

    2. @FACR Fazed im getting on now if u want to do it or any other time its great!

    3. Sure! Im not online much these days, but if you ever catch me we can definitely do it!

    1. We had previously agreed that we were going to do a stupid escape route. If I had of known this video was gonna get the views it has we would definitely have taken a proper route!

    2. Im wondering why they looked away right there.

    1. @Aiden Pearce have a look at this:
      Look at 2hrs 40min and 30seconds.

  19. This is exactly how you DONT want to do the heist! Everything was going great untill they left the vault. Then I dont know what all that wacky crap was about? Then the comment on this video reaching 50k views. Thats because its click bait. Viewers are expecting a clean tutorial, not not a big cluster f*@k halfway through it.😐☹️

    1. @FACR Fazed Well then change the name of the video, BRO.. What do you think people are expecting when they click on the video. Oh, a new route. This should be helpful. Not so. Like I said, click bait, BRO. P.S. No, Im not going to be baited into clicking your link & watching another video, BRO. Thumbs up=No. Subscribe=Never.

    1. If you move fast, they dont!
      First person is faster than third person, so use that if youre conformable with it.

    1. You can always do another entry disguise prep and change it to gruppe 6, or any of the others, if that makes it easier.

    2. @FACR Fazed nah my friend wouldn’t do it with me and we stopped although I think we could do it but now I’m starting up the Cato perico heist

  20. Are those fingerprint the same or diffrents on that hacking device?

    1. Different to each other. There are, I think, only 5 different fingerprints that appear on the casino heist.

  21. yo i need help with this on xbox… can you add my gamertag? Flxshyytbh, i’ll give you 85% i’m trying to get an outfit

    1. Kinda doesnt get copyright strikes too.
      Its is a shame that ALL music has to be turned off. I would like to have the rockstar composed stuff in the background.

    1. Im fairly sure he should have failed the mental examination to become a police officer…

  22. This is way too hard… Fuck you Rockstar, i wont buy in game money 😉

  23. Can u help me with the heist I literally can not do the dot code

    1. @Shizuru
      Watch this. Start at 29min 12 seconds. Thats level 2 security pass. Extremely easy prep.

    1. Well, thats personal opinion tbh. I hate first person, personally. I never use it outside of this heist.

    2. And also easier to move on first person

    3. You move faster in first person. Makes it easier to run through the cameras undetected.

  24. How did u just walk past that camera in the stairs

    1. If youre fast it doesnt see you. Thats why I use first person view – its faster than third person.

    1. What can I say, bro! That makes it even easier for bugstars!

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