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267 thoughts on “Minskte bir kumarhanede garson boşluğu

  1. Wow! Because Im in Ukraine and my God no one speaks English.

    1. Actually, MANY people in ukraine speak really good english, but its in certain hot spots. If you check out a co-working space, they speak english fluently.

      Nonetheless, you should learn russian 😉

  2. Hi Admin are you Belarusian ? Please reply me as soon as

    1. Not much of a dictatorship really. If anything, the country is very organized and under control.

  3. Unknown Belarus and unusual Minsk we have on the channel

  4. Absolutely everything I was curious about Minsk you answered. Thank you!

  5. uber? i don t think mandarin will be the language of business. too difficult to learn as a second language. beaver?

    1. It might not be the international language of business, but its certainly important in the second most powerful (and soon-to-be most powerful) nation on the planet.

      Ultimately though, universal translators gadgets will be advanced enough to not require any major language learning.

  6. Man what about trying to increase numbers for endangered species in zoos?

    1. And if you are wondering about the name of the refuge is turpentine creek. Heres a link.

    2. its alot to easier to manage though than ranges. In ranges people can poach and due to how many endangered species are found in poverty stricken countries one can imagine little incentive to protect their own wildlife. I actually have a friend who works at an enclosure up in Eureka springs. Her business is to find randomly run away animals that are imported from abroad. One tiger they received actually was found wandering the Buffalo National River. They saved her and she is now doing really well. The facility she works at is called the turpentine creek wildife refuge. It acts very much like a zoo but also a rehabiltiory center. You must understand that species are sometimes very stubborn even in their natural setting. Take in consideration the world renowned Panda. It lives in a hostile mountaneous environment and it chooses its diet to be a poor monocot grass such as bamboo. It could make up much more calories in its diet if it wanders down half a kilometer which will have a much more diversified lowland diet. Zoos orginal intention are to help educate the public about animals aswell as help conserve and recover species.

    3. Based on their living conditions, and the fact that many snakes commit suicide through eating themselves, or just dying from not eating… I dont think we should hold animals in captivity, especially in zoos.

    1. From my windows 8 promotion days 😉 Thanks, I think they broke later on, or I lost them somewhere

  7. Thank you friend for valuable info., Im going this Friday, whats the name of your hotel and what about girls?

  8. what is the bars like ? the price of a good beer etc?

    1. If you look for a bars – there are a whole street called Zybitskaja (Зыбіцкая) which is full of bars. Of course, there a lots of bars on the other streets (just use Google to find a good one). Beer is about $2-3 usd for a good cup of beer or other light alcohol. If you wanna taste some belarusian beer – its cheaper to buy it in shop (2 litres will cost you about $3 usd). But mostly the prices a little higher than in Poland, when the service is lower (fucking soviet heritage).

    2. I dont remember too well, but I think the prices were maybe $3-4 usd for wine/beer in the central downtown core/tourist areas. Its probably cheaper in the local bars/clubs.

  9. I go there 1 month/year, because of my grandparents, i like it its a simple and clean city, with more american things like, in italy there is not kfc or cherry cola

  10. Live here for 2 months you’ll get to know it !!! And hell yeah it is clean . English level is well not as you said, I myself had difficulties till I learned russian, Love the people but I wish they were smiling more

    1. 2 months is more than enough time to explore ALL of Belarus, if you rent a car and drive around. The younger demographics all learn, and speak english to a certain degree. Learning basic Russian is a must if you decide to stay in the city for a longer time frame – and learn the correct pronunciation of words – I have friends who still dont bother pronouncing words properly in Russian.

  11. I just came back from Belarus last week. You can visit without a visa. No problem.

    1. With the non-visa you can only choose either Grosno, Minsk, or Brest, and you cannot travel from one to the other. Still, its worth it! And its not very expensive.

    2. Yep. As of 2017 (after this video was made), you dont need a visa for 5 day adventures.

  12. Im just back from Minsk (5th June 2018) and visited 5 days visa free. I actually stayed in the apartment near to you on the other side of the square. Loved my time there. Will definitely go again – soon! People were extremely friendly. Did a train trip to Mogilev in the east, and then stayed at a Dacha in the lake region at a village called Chichevichi. Was super. If the government does one month visa-free Ill spent a month exploring this wonderful country.

    1. I hope to visit again. I do cycle touring and visited Belarus for the first time in 1999 on a 10-day visa and saw a lot. One month would be great and Id certainly add to the economy. ANDY

    2. Hey AJ, I agree Minsk is great 🙂

      I believe there was an initiative for a 10-day visa, that was supposed to open up on January of this year… but perhaps this was scrapped for now.

      If they do a 1-month visa, that would be amazing for tourism, and the Belarus economy.

  13. Nice video, going to Minsk for two days and found it very helpful

    1. @Premium Leonidas thanks for the reply. Been to Minsk and got around far easier than I feared. What a lovely city I enjoyed my stay so much.

    2. Hey Martin, yes and no. Better to just get a sim card, and uber everywhere.

    3. Can I get round Minsk without knowing any Russian, regarding the street signs

  14. A stay for 5 days plus weekend requires no registration, folks.

    1. Steven Vangorder 3-5 days, less often – a week in my experience.

    2. will do, yeah, 5 days is great if you are just attending a concert or event, but most people visit a city for about 2 weeks if they want to see the sites and such and if they do this, they often find interesting things that make them want to come back

    3. yes, if they made this 30 days it would be much more effective or at least 14 days

  15. As of 2018 Americans can now visit Belarus for up to 30 days visa-free! Ill be visiting in March. Looks awesome!

  16. A nice video:) and its really interesting to hear something about our country from foreigner)
    And, BTW, for us, for Belarusians, public transport prices are quite high((( we have miserly salaries(

    1. What is the best time of Minsk to see Opera, Ballet, Concerts etc. ?
      I was also wondering if Uber works in Belarus.

    2. Kristy Khristenko I am planning to come to minsk in august this year…. fetch me some info please

    3. I love to visit Minsk, I have been there 5 times (around 200 days total), lovely people and plenty to do, Grodno is also very nice

  17. Lee Harvey Oswald lived in a building near the place you was recording this video.

  18. There is a silly NorthAmerican citizen giving advises to the Belarussian Government of ding Disco Parties on the most emblematic city building.

    1. @Premium Leonidas there was very fancy night club BHB Black Hall Bar near this place where u did this vlog,3 min by foots. Have you been there?

    2. It would be an amazing location for a party, since there is plenty of parking, it is emblematic as you say, and would be a potential cash-cow for the city of Belarus, if executed properly, and corruption doesnt steal most of the money.

      In Toronto we have an event at the Royal Ontario Museum on Friday nights, that features casual-business clothing only, is mid-range classy, and features a great environment to converse, meet people, dance, and enjoy the nightlife outside of the typical Bars/Clubs.

  19. I have used the VISA free option for the last few visits. Before that I obtained VISA which was not difficult to be honest.

    1. Depending on the itinerary a visa might be helpful – allows you to spend more than 5 days or proceed to/from Russia once the tour is over.

  20. Jai visité grodno une très belle ville et les gens ils sont super sympathique

    1. Je ny suis pas allé, mais peut-être la prochaine fois.

    1. Agreed, but neither are many countries around the world

  21. For Europeans now there is no need for visa when visit for no more than 5 days and arriving/living over Minsk Int. airport.

    1. You can now visit for 10 days, visa free, as long as you come in through the airport in Minsk

  22. Difficult ??? you want to say nothing easier to visit Belarus and Minsk of course . I visited Minsk more than …. 40 times and I am proud of it . I like this City and the people also very much !

  23. Here is an update on the law affecting tourists. Recently, Belarus passed a law which allows citizens of 80 specific countries to fly into and out of Minsk without a visa for a maximum of 5 days. Again, you must fly into and out of the airport; no train, car or bus entries across land borders. If you did want to stay longer, you would need to apply at one of their consulates abroad for a longer tourism visa, and the same applies to those who are no on that specific country list. Unfortunately, there are no low-fare airlines like Wizzair or Ryan Air available, so fares are normal. I like living here, and have been here 2-1/2 years now as an ex-pat. It is such a green and extraordinarily clean city. The people are quite helpful and welcoming, and younger people especially speak English or German (fewer of them).

    1. Which visa are you using for such a long period of time?

  24. From 28th july 2018, it is 30 days visa free for EU citizens😉

    1. Yea, thats awesome. Belarus is gonna receive so much tourism, and new business growth.

  25. My friend is drugs easy to find in minsk belarus?how much control they have on drugs there?

    1. If you want to go to jail for 14 years for drugs in Belarus, then be my guest 😉

  26. So the nightlife is not very good? I went to Kiev it had a pretty decent nightlife

    1. Minsk has a decent night life. Obviously its not 24/7 like vegas, but its there, specifically on friday-sunday nights. Monday to thursday, its relatively quiet.

    1. CrafterSon very interesting to see your dialogue in English when you both know Russian . True slaves

    2. @Нікіта Лісоўскі thanks. Belarusian is also great language similar to polish. And in Ukraine we learn polish :). What city do you live ? Me Odessa

    3. @CrafterSon glad to hear that… Many ukrainians ive met had to learn russian at school
      Ukrainian is a very beautiful language btw

    4. @Нікіта Лісоўскі we dont learn Russian as a slavs. Im from Ukraine and I dont have Russian in school

    1. PremiumLeo my skills cant be sold online in a nutshell skills you may learn in the parts of bk nyc you may not visit lol but thats anyway

    2. Try selling your services on

      Maybe a tutoring or a translation service. Your english skills are quite good, and I presume you speak russian well too.

      Internet money. Good luck!

    3. PremiumLeo I see you do a lot of traveling nice wish I could do that

  27. Im from Belarus Minsk.
    I want to write a few words about my country, although it is very dangerous for me. Anyone come to us in Minsk and he think Oh how clean it is, whats the order here – maybe its good here. But it is not so.
    In 1994, Lukashenka became the president. We had a normal constitution and normal laws. But by 1996, Lukashenka was managing country badly and then the parliament and the constitutional court tried to dismiss him. But Lukashenka created a special police and, with the help of the Russian government, by force, he grabbed government power in the country. He completely changed the constitution and laws. We have become a monarchy from a free country – the president received absolute power. Those who were against, they were abducted and killed. Absolutely every Belarusian knows about this. Therefore, many other politicians either left work or began to obey Lukashenko – they were afraid for their lives. During the 23 years of Lukashenkas rule, the dictatorial power became very lazy and ineffective. Salaries in small hills and villages are only 60-100 euros. Salaries of 300 euros are a very big money in our country. But at the same time, prices are not small compared to Europe. And many people go to buy goods in Poland and Lithuania – there are cheaper for us. I got a higher education, I worked as a laboratory assistant in the institute in Minsk and my salaries was only 46 euros – and I had to work as a loader and a waiter and a builder to survive. I do not have a home, and sometimes I had to sleep on the street. Because renting the cheapest room (not an apartment) is worth a minimum of 120 euros.
    Lukashenka are constantly arrested by big businessmen, they are pick up business. In such conditions, the economy can not function normally. But we have always been funded by Russia and even by Europe (loans – but we have never paid them). And now came up with Decree No. 3 – the tax on the unemployed. And there are a lot of such people. And they physically can not pay it!!! They do not have money even for food!!! They were just paupers, and now they are criminals for government! They are in despair.
    To disagree with Lukashenkas policy, to go to rallies with us is a huge risk – they are imprisoned, fined, even his family members will dismissed from their works. It becomes very difficult for such people to get into Belarus – they get on the black list – they difficult to find a job, to take a credit, they are watched by the KGB(special police). It’s awfully.
    Many people who interfered with Lukashenka were kidnapped and killed, for example the politician VIKTOR GONCHAR, journalist DMITRY ZAVADSKY, Minister of the Interior YURI ZAKHARENKO, businessman ANATOLY KRASOVSKY and many others. They are heroes for me and for us. I have a dream – I dream that these crimes committed by the Belarusian authorities are officially opened. I want to know where the graves of our heroes, I dream to bring flowers there.

    1. Free Saxon Britain almost had the whole world and it slipped thru their fingers. crazy to think about regular arabs and africans just appearing in the city is crumbling the empire 😂😂

    2. @Jennifer Lorence Thats true, but over here you dare not express that opinion ( I do though )

  28. And, as I see, you lived near my university MSLU) Thanks for mentioning it) its very pleasant 😉

  29. thanx 4 sharing video i am going in Jan 4 study in minsk 2018 pls guide ..

  30. Really liked your accent… very soft and natural!!! Good pronounciation… i hope you actually know some belarusian…

    1. I speak russian, but not belarussian. Thank you nonetheless 🙂

  31. I would of liked to see the countryside a little too. Thanks for the video

    1. The country is side is typical farmland. No mountains, just plains. You can drive around the country very quickly, without any large hills or snake-paths.

  32. Solamente añadir:

    – Desde España no hay vuelos directos, yo hice escala en Riga, (vuelos low cost comprados un mes antes), ciudad que aproveché para visitar también, 3 días.

    -El visado me costó 90 euros que aboné en el aeropuerto al llegar: Puede parecer un sablazo pero luego me pareció solo una pequeña compensación por los precios tan baratos de allí. (Basta con que te traigas de vuelta el máximo legal de 1 cartón de tabaco, yo me traje 2 sin problema (1 euro cajetilla de Lucky), para amortizarlo a cuenta de la hacienda española, jajajaja.)

    – En el aeropuerto cambia solo unos pocos euros, ya que con tarjeta de crédito podrás pagar en Minsk casi todo. Desde el mismo, cada 30 minutos, bus-lanzadera, (tiquet en máquina), unos 40 minutos autovía a través de sensacionales bosques, pueblos y campos de cultivo, hasta la Estación Central, (intermodal) de Minsk.

    1. Google Translation in case anyone is curious:

      – From Spain there are no direct flights, I stopped in Riga, (low cost flights bought a month before), city that I took to visit also, 3 days.

      -The visa cost me 90 euros that I paid at the airport on arrival: It may seem like a smash but then I found only a small compensation for the cheap prices there. (It is enough that you bring back the legal maximum of 1 carton of tobacco, I brought 2 without problem (1 euro pack of Lucky), to amortize it on account of the Spanish hacienda, hahahaha.)

      – The airport changes only a few euros, since with credit card you can pay in Minsk almost everything. From there, every 30 minutes, bus-shuttle, (ticket in machine), about 40 minutes motorway through sensational forests, villages and fields, to the Central Station, (intermodal) of Minsk.

  33. Interesting video, thank you. I had wanted to go to Belarus for a while but the visa was prohibitive. Now theres a five day visa free period. Im thinking five days might be too much for a city break is it easy to visit places outside of the city on public transport? Also did you see you hope to see the end of zoos within 50 years? Dont know if you are aware but the focus of zoos these days isnt just for people to gawp at but more importantly support captive breeding programmes and help sustain populations of animals outside zoos by re-introducing captive bred animals back into the wild. They are pretty important 🙂

    1. And now post some links about the shitty lives of other zoo animals 🙂

    2. I think you need to research more….All zoos I have been to, in all sorts of countries have animals that are nearly all part of a breeding programme. Even my small local zoo is part of a bigger breeding programme. Youll often see animals being ferried around the world to be paired with another to produce offspring, this happens with all sorts of animals. I give you the example of a few here.

      By going to zoos you actively help to fund this activity, plus you also educate yourself and others to their plight.

    3. Most zoos just cage the animals in a tiny place, while humans gawk at them momentarily.

      Imagine being stuck in your 1 bedroom apartment for your entire life.

      The breeding programs are maybe 0.1% of the total industry.

  34. thumbs down arent justified, this video is full of very useful info

  35. They have very good prices on sunglasses in Belarus.

    1. Actually, not that good at all since its all imported.

  36. NOW, you do not need ANY visa to travel to Belarus and can stay easily for 30 days.

    1. Might not be the best time to visit for now due to the revolution against the dictatorship

  37. I am an American. I have been visiting Belarus almost annually since 2010. It used to be $420 USD and then you needed an invitation. Visa related has drastically changed since that time. It WAS difficult – now… very different story. Its zero problem and FAR less expensive to buy. I think now you get 30 days without a visa. The country is beautiful, people friendly and they dont care where you are from, meaning you dont get a funny look or comment if you say Im from _____. If you are a nice person – you will be treated nice in return. In my experience the Belarus people are wonderful, and the country is clean and safe. I have been to some of the most remote parts of the country (where almost no foreigner goes), seen most of their historical sites and memorials, been to more private homes, restaurants and shops than I can count, etc. No matter where I was, I have never felt or perceived any concerns. If you are going there for a visit/tourism – you treat people with respect, youll get it in return and youll love the place. Food is fantastic. If you go out for dinner – music and dancing is common in about every place you go to and people in Belarus know how to drink, eat and have fun. I saw comments about the Police, etc. I have never had a single contact with Law Enforcement outside of visa related. Again – my experience – act correctly – they have no interest in you… just like in any other modern country. If you are there to have fun, visit a beautiful place with wonderful people – see the sights, drink in some of the local culture and stay out of trouble – you will love Belarus. If you dont speak Russian or the traditional Belarus language, you will have some issue communicating (depending where you are of course. Hotels/tourist places usually have someone around who can speak some English). If you are away from the tourist places… again – be patient and respectful – you will likely work your way through and get where/what you need. The only advice I would give you – would be the same advice I would give to anyone, for any country… stay away from conversations about politics and religion (yours or anyone elses) and you should have a great time. I plan to go again this coming January and I am really looking forward to it.

    1. Very beautiful country? Radioactive country with a dictator beautiful country? You give a dictator your money?

    2. It is easy to say kind words about such a good place. Grodno… beautiful city it is… of about 350,000 people, good culture and history, beautiful cathedrals, and of course club Baza. 🙂  Grodno Im told was not destroyed in WWII like many other places, so many of the old buildings are still there.

    3. Thank you for such kind words about my country. Come to the beautiful city of Grodno.

    4. The younger demographic speaks english quite well actually.

      As far as politics/religion, its a great question to inquire about if you are interested.

      But yes, Belarus is great.

  38. i meet a woman belarus ,past not know belarus land ,now ,with open land ,i say at alls world ,simply no listen other ,and do see by yourself ,no enter by your listen if you not see ,for me of france ,i see ,my past france happy , rest ,and best people belarus for invitation ,and lol modern land ,and i see for myself ,wonderfull land rest ,and my friends belarus ,total great ,i say same depardieu ,and steven seagal ,the peace people ,life floor and family ,many lands of the world forget it ,damage ,europ money and world ,i invitation museum minsk for see by yourself ,paris is privilage in past war , for me return of village belarus for see ,happy people ,what s world forget ,the simply and hapy life ,you never see our presidents real with his floor vegetables , i admires it ,i see on internet critics of luxuary peoples ,politics is not my thinks ,i see of worlds ,for pffff ,past is past ,and i say goand repeat ,go see yourself ,simply ,maybe i am a old generation ,but in europ and usa ,criminal in street and natural ,and say at belarus ,thank for see ,ballad in street is natural night or other .when i open belarus not know of internet ,i see dictature ,; lol ,dictature is ours lands worlds ,and i repeat and repat ,go see by ourself ,no listen other , and that s changee your life for the see happy with a bravoure people belarus

  39. What about the women? Easy to talk to? Are Bars and clubs opened on Sundays and Mondays?

  40. I studied there, just a few steps from there, and always turned up at ploschod pobedi metro station….. back when it was the ussr and split into bits… pangs!

  41. Minsk is one of my favorite cities in the world! Was born in Belarus but then moved to NY as a kid but I always go back to my mother land! Belarus is one of a kind and will always have a place in my heart! Good video bro

    1. I absolutely agree. Minsk is fantastic! Clean, safe, organized, easy to navigate and explore, and manageable to explore.

      Also, the people are extremely friendly and hospitable – granted I would recommend learning some basic russian to get by as well.

  42. So your only complaint is you need a Visa, and register where you are. I dont find that difficult. You must be an EU Zoner. The Visa is not expensive, and the cost of living is inexpensive. I fail to see you call it difficult. In fact Belarus is safe, because it wants to know who are there, so terrorist do not just come in an take over like in Germany and France.

    1. yes, in fact it is much easier if you are going to a hotel vs staying at an airbnb or someones home because in that case you just check in to your hotel and they can log onto a website and register you without you needing to bother with the rest, the only difficulty you have to have hotel reservations in advance of getting your visa and include them with your visa application, I must say though the process and form are a little easier than Russia and the approval rate for visa is very high, those traveling to USA or Canada, I feel sorry for the hell they must endure for the visa process and strict rules for instance my wife is Belarusian and she can not get a visitor visa to the USA because she has to prove she has no attatchments or reasons to stay in USA after visiting, well its impossible, however she is entitled to immigrate here if she wants and get permenant residency, but if she wants to stay in Belarus, sorry no visitor visas…silly

    2. well it is just an added stress, when you already gave all of information to get the visa and it is all checked when crossing border to also, when you get to your destination you have to get the people who own apartment or relatives you stay with to go with you to police station and fill out forms with lots of information, the same information which was already filled out for visa, maybe this could be simplified by just having a form requesting basic information and visa number since all of the information is already in database from getting visa, instead of filling 100 lines of info again, then you must pay the fee, but you are unable to pay the fee at the station, you must leave, then go find the proper brand name of bank a few blocks away, wait in long line of 25-50 people at the bank just to pay a small $5 fee and get a ticket, then you have to go back to police station with this ticket, wait in line again to give your ticket to finalize the registration, this is a 5 hour affair usually and sometimes requires 2 visits if they are busy, it could be easier just to have short form with visa number, name, copy of passport and length of time you will stay and pay the fee right there at the time, it should take only a few minutes, but takes all day, in this age maybe just register on a ministry website when you arrive and leave would be enough, the police would have same info in a way easier for the traveler. OF course for me, visiting this beautiful place is worth the trouble, but there will never be much tourism there with such difficult rules about everything, its less difficult to visit inmates in prisons of most countries.

    3. Im not an eu zoner 🙂 And yes, Belarus is great because its super safe, super clean, and super cheap for foreigners from Tier-1 countries. As far as registration, its less to do with terrorism, and more to do with government control – which I have no problem with 🙂

  43. So its super clean, well maintained, affordable, with nice architecture, not much traffic, police controls foreigners… I have to ask: is Minsk the best capital in europe? What is not to like? I wish Lisbon was that clean and peaceful

    1. Singapore and Vietnam have large taxes on vehicles as well. Since they dont produce cars it makes sense to impose a heavy tax. This also limits traffic congestion, which is a serious global issue around the world right now.

      As far as wages, earnings and live-ability are obviously relative to the country.

      The best course of action is to earn a living online, and live wherever you want.

    2. Mazxlol thats universal to europes larger cities. Its the same in Lisbon. I believe our average wages are higher to the ones in Belarus (around € 800, a good job will land you around € 1400), but I can also tell you that the cost of food, transportation and clothing it is similar to Madrid and Berlin. And I can tell you that spaniards make more money than us and the germans make way way more money than us (net values). Oh, and Portugal has the most expensive cars in europe due to taxation over base price. The same car in Portugal is more affordable in Spain, Germany, Italy, UK, etc. Just to give you an example, a ford focus 1.0 ecoboost will start here in Portugal for around € 19500. The same car in spain will go for € 13500. We have the worst wages in western europe and we are among the ones with the highest taxes. And still we are in debt. I love Portugal, but we have not been doing well with our priorities and choices in the last 20 years. But I digress. I think it is hard to compare wages between Portugal and Belarus because they have different economies. Belarus is highly industrialized and with significant state possession and intervention. Portugal is basicaly driven by services and tourism and the state has been withdrawing from managing companies in the last decades.

    3. Minks is nice if you have a very good job, otherwise you barely have enough money for anything. My dad lives in Minsk and makes about $500 a month and he has a very good job! With that money try to buy a new car, good luck!

    4. PremiumLeo its not bad, I like Lisbon. But it could be cleaner.

    5. Ive been to Lisbon. Other than a lot of tourists, it wasnt bad at all. Although I mostly only stayed in the old town, as a tourist of course, and for only 4 days.

    1. Everyone has their own experience ultimately. Belarus is still one of my favorites of all time.

  44. Belarus is a police state run by a dictator Alexander Lukashenko

    1. @Premium Leonidas Merkel is a dictator. She is in power since 2005…

    2. You will barely see police in Minsk. I think I saw maybe 1-2 police officers in the span of 2 months there. If you mean that the rules are very strict, then you should check out the UAE, or Singapore. As far as dictatorship… then yes, hes been in power since 1994.

  45. “I’d recommend staying here longer…” after saying there was fcuk all to do or see there lol

    1. To each their own 😉 I like a nice calm, clean, inexpensive city

  46. Good place I guess. I mean, hell. Its less mainstream than HeY lEtS gO tO FrAnCe!!11! But at the same time, there is a reason my family moved after the cold war.

    1. Your English is quite good actually. My father also wanted a better life. I was born in Russia right before the collapse of the Soviet union. Its obvious now that it was a great idea to leave the USSR/90s Russia.

    2. I dunno? I ask them about it and they mostly reply with, “We wanted better opportunities for raising a family.” So I guess they just wanted to live the good o’l American dream.

    3. Minsk is definitely still cold-war era territory, but its not oppressive. Now with the 30-day visa-free policy… it will become even more touristy

    1. Its evolution must have been drastic at this point

  47. Lol! I was there over 5 Times for 3 months


  48. Hello, Do people need a visa for less than 5 days? Thank you

    1. Depending on your country. For most western/euro countries, no.

  49. Conditions have changed! Now you dont need a visa for 30 days. Welcome guys!

  50. Its funny how you talk about how Minsk is very clean and safe, but Minsk is only a slight glimpse of the touristy area, which enables the government to show you exactly what you want to see. Kind of reminds me of North Korea in a way, although its not a valid comparison, clearly. Once you either go to the country side, or basically any other town than Minsk, you would really see how neglected, dirty and unsafe it is there. Roads are incredibly bad and unsafe and generally I would say that Minsk is not at all a representation of Belarus.

    1. The Milana channel has many films about other places in Belarus including Mozyr and villages, family life in Belarus.

    2. Its funny that, when you hear some favourable comments about your country, you try to persuade a FOREIGHNER that he is not right. He cant know everything. He talks only about what he sees. And what he says about Minsk is true.

    3. She thinks that in other countries everything is good. No criminal, no shooting, no corruption, everybody have a dreaming salary and happy.
      Even in US if u will go to the god forgotten places , like some village in Belarus u will see the same problems.
      I guess thats is a reason why Canada make a provincial program for foreign immigrants with lower requirements – cuz everybody leaving there.
      Belief that in every west countries everything is pretty good has nothing mutual with reality.
      Belarus is a pretty good place, but also have a problems like any other country. How you remember, the Belarus is a young country and young government, however we moving up and I glad to see that.
      Her requirements is not so fair. Lukashenko got this country without somethings seems like economy. Im not supporting him policy, but he saved our country independent. Everybody often telling me that China made a powerful economy for 20 years. Really? There are more than one billion people and they were working for a more cheaper salary and came close to killing their climate, nature etc. They paid for that, and u ready to pay anything for a live better than now? Or u can only complain?
      When I lived there I had salary not less than 1000$ but thats enough for Belarus. Almost everything more cheeper than Europe. Fuel 0.70$ for 1 little. Yeah, I left Belarus and see the world, live there, working there and I decided to go back. Finally I understood how is beautiful this country. I always loved it. But now too much )))

    4. Please go to London for some days. You can get knifed in some city parts or in in the Subway very easy. Or go to the Bronx in the USA. Or Cleveland. very beatifull and safe cities.Surely seem Minsk to be very dangerous in comparison (not). Better compare, before talking shit.

    5. Можете поехать в любой города Беларуси, в любую деревню и везде будет чисто и ухожено. Зачем вы лжете?

  51. Wow, I live in a house you stopped in 🙂

    1. great location, I love the little café and pastry shop on the corner across the street from your filming, I used to wait there for my wife to finish classes at the linguistics University there

  52. Privet.Minks is the place where my late father and grandfather were born. Smolensk is the place where my late mother and grandmother were born. If they were alive, they would be very proud of their cities.

  53. Of course Minsk is cleaner than Paris (I visited Minsk twice & I live close to Paris so I know). Especially if you take into account the more suburbish parts of Paris, and then those of Minsk. Central Minsk is cleaner than *anywhere* in Paris, working class areas of Minsk are like the wealthy/bourgeois areas of Paris in that matter of cleanliness. Working/Middle class parts of Paris (Xth, XIth, XIIIth, XVIIIth, XIXth, XXth districts) dont have anything similar in Minsk as far as I know (thankfully). Maybe the most in da hood area of Minsk might compete but Im doubtful on that. Its such a shame Paris is in such a state in many of its districts, disappointment for tourists who have an idealistic image of Paris, not to mention living daily for inhabitants. But Paris is of course not at all an exception in Europe in problems of cleanliness, far far from that…

    1. @Premium Leonidas forcing people to clean country?! Are u serious???
      It is the attitude of people to their home. Dont blame dictatorship for clean cities)))

    2. To be honest, it doesnt only take an army of cleaners to keep a clean place, it also needs a proper mind, a civic-mindedness if I may call it so. Because Paris doesnt really lack the personnel to clean up the streets, but it lacks for sure the people who respect said workers work. I can say the same for Athens, and to a smaller extent for Amsterdam, Prague and so on… Otherwise, if it was just about army of cleaners, there would be many graffitis as well in Minsk (done overnight), but I counted probably nine or ten graffitis in a working-class neighbourhood, while in Prague, Paris, Athens, Amsterdam or other European cities, Id count same amount on a single building (in a working-class suburb for example), not after walking for 20-30 minutes. Thats what shocked me (and disappointed me) in Prague, the insane amount of graffitis in some places that were neither railway station nor under highway/bridges, but just streets. I thought this city is beautiful, the centuries old painted buildings are wonderful, therefore people would respect the place, but how more wrong could I have been! Just going slightly away from the most touristic places and some walls/doors started to be filled with graffitis.
      Thats what I love with Minsk, no random stuff thrown or dog poo on the ground, and (almost) no nonsense graffitis on buildings.

    3. I like your editorial-ish thoughts, but some practical comparisons would do wonders here as well 🙂 Belarus is new-communism (autocracy), so forcing people to clean the country (through laws that make people pay fees if they dont work) is how its done.

      Maybe Paris will instate a cleanliness act one day, where they will employ more people to clean up the city. But otherwise, its a semi-free-for-all in Paris/France, and many 1st-world cities around the world.

  54. Actually, Belarus is moving toward even longer visas than 5 days. I love this place! Its a wonderful country. One of our favorite things here has been our research and exploration in the Naliboki Forest–wolves, lynx, bear, bison, etc.

    1. I might have to visit this forest on my next trip. But yes, the visa-free has been extended for 10 days as of January 2018.

  55. Hey! I’ll be glad to show you Minsk. Moreover, I and my friends are starting a social project. We want to show our guests that Belarus is a modern and developing country and we want the whole world to know about it. This is the aim:)
    We organize your weekend (absolutely for free, I mean, we are not a tour agency or something. If we go somewhere to eat or have fun, for instance, everyone pays for his own.) You will get to know a lot of interesting people and places, places which often are not accessible to usual tourists. And the only thing I want you to do is to write an honest feedback about our country and city in your social networks.
    How it works:
    -We provide our services on a voluntary basis so it is free of charge.
    -Our handlers are people who have been specially chosen so we completely trust them
    – We do not sign any agreements, so, if you lose interest in your handler, you will have the possibility of withdrawing from it and have a rest, by yourself.
    – We do not have to strictly follow the rules of the program. This is not an excursion but rather a weekend with friends.
    – It is preferable that you agree with your handler on the place of your accommodation. That would make it more convenient to meet and travel around the city.
    – You are supposed to pay for transport and accommodation during your staying in Belarus
    – In order to become our guest, it is enough to write a short introduction about yourself. After that, we will agree on the dates and those who will be with you in the group.

    Lets do it together and the next time people will not ask: Belarus? Where is it?
    My contacts: 375 29 109 9999

    1. Is Minsk safe for Black People? I’ve been studying Cyrillic and Russian, and always wanted to see that part of Europe

    2. hi. im coming to minsk 28 september and would be interested in a tour guide for the city

    3. Thank you Olecya. Make sure to create videos of Belarus also for your youtube channel. It will help with the agency 🙂

  56. If you flew from Minsk to Petersburg, then you wouldnt go through any passport control when you left, right? Didnt that give you problems?

    1. My passport allows me to travel between russia and belarus without and passport issues. But You might need a visa to travel from Russia to Belarus

  57. Visité Minsk una semana en septiembre de 2016, con visado, (no me resultó difícil obtenerlo, tramitación online y recogida en el aeropuerto a la llegada). Ahora no se necesita como bien informan otros comentaristas, si tu estancia es < 5 días. Alojamiento en apartamento muy cómodo y céntrico, por booking, unos 22 euros/noche. La ciudad me sorprendió muy agradablemente, magníficas avenidas, (especialmente la Independence Avenue con su estilo clásico soviético), parques y lagos, arquitectura tan bella como la casa del Gobierno y la Ópera, (precioso constructivismo), la biblioteca nacional o las estaciones de Metro y la gente me pareció sencilla, simpática y amable. Precios muy accesibles, tiendas, cafeterías, restaurantes y bares con buen ambiente y servicio, (buenísimos chocolates de factura nacional), (tambien menús de comida rápida por 5 euros), en fin me lo pasé estupendamente. Sobre la época para viajar, he estado en Varsovia en invierno, -13º de frío seco, con un cielo azulísimo y despejado, me gustó casi más, paradójicamente, que los más templados pero grises y encapotados inviernos del norte de España donde vivo. Un saludo a todos y muchas gracias por el vídeo a Premium Leo.

  58. Hello bro.i Wont sum information,
    , I am coming to Belarus with Russian visa. After coming to Belarus with this Russian visa, I want to live in Belarus and take residency in Belarus from Belarus. Please tell me if it is possible.

  59. Hit me up next time. I live in the same building you are shooting this video from hah xD

    1. PremiumLeo I’m in Belarus now 🇧🇾 and I live in London . I just arrived at like 10 in the morning yesterday. Go to Lithuania and then get on a coach to Minsk . It’s cheaper than flying from wherever your from directly to Belarus . And it’s less expensive . But you pass the boarders .

    2. hehe, maybe in 2 years time. by then Belarus might open its borders to travel, and airbnb will inflate prices beyond reasonable digits.

  60. Do u know how much of a GPA(grade point average) they require for to get selected for the masters degree in Business Administration in Belarus Economic State university?I sent them an email.But not replied yet.
    Is it hard to get selected to their Universities?

    1. It should be easy to get accepted, as long as you have a solid ability with the Russian language. Money is money, so they will no doubt accept foreign students.

  61. Thank you so much,for talking about the ZOOs..I hope this kind of horrible exploitation of animals will be stopped globally..thanks,very polite,kind and informative video!!! All the best!!!.. :)))

    1. Yea, I hope that one day, we dont need to cage animals for our 1-2 second attention span.

  62. Before saying its cheap take into account the median wage of a worker in that country

    1. I meant to imply inexpensive, but yes, the median wage is low relative to western countries.

  63. Minsk is amazing and inspiring so we did a song after visiting it. It has English subtitles. We hope you like it as much as we like city! [Minsk-Montañez]

  64. i was wondering how you were able to say belarus so well. you are russian 🙂

    1. yeah, I was surprised too how effortlessly he pronounced it, and its a difficult word 🙂

  65. London man visiting for 5 days October ..staying in the monastery hotel .. minsk people give me tips on pubs and places to eat 😬 .. best beer?

  66. Fantastic vids. Well done! We really enjoyed it.

    1. With the younger generations (18-30), its great actually.

    1. I would live there, if their visa process for long periods wasnt so bureaucratic and soviet still (similar to Russia and China).

  67. Thanks for showing my hometown. Last time I was there was 16 years ago. Its clean for sure. Now Toronto is NOT clean, not by any measure!!! 😀
    By the way, I remember going to the opera house (the philharmony), seeing chamber music concerts, ballets and visiting galleries and museums. Im sure theyre still there and just as interesting. There were also two major markets and I remember a ton of events being organized all throughout the city. There was also this book market that was open all through the night. Theres a lot to do and much to see.

    1. Olga Rykov Hi ms,,, this is your home town ,, I love it too much

    2. I agree, Toronto isnt a clean city, because of the culture. In Minsk, the people are less inclined to throw their garbage on the streets. This is probably due to strict laws (just like in Singapore).

      Some torontonians just dont care. But the city itself (Toronto) has a great system for cleaning up other peoples mess, fortunately.

      (I live in Toronto as well).

    1. In 2016 and before it was a bit different. Also depends on your passport

  68. Hi! Nice video…but Ive got a question. How expensive is the health insurance that you need to get in the airport? Ive heard that around 100 euros? Sth like that? And its compulsory, right? Thx in advance for the answers!

    1. Hey acho, I dont recall, but it wasnt that expensive. Maybe $1-2 per day basically. And yes, its compulsory/required.

  69. In February 2017 visa-free entry to Belarus will open to citizens of 80 countries. Foreigners will be able to spend up to 5 days in Belarus without any visa and registration formalities, entering and leaving from Minsk Airport.

  70. But its normal to ask for visa since Belarus is not a member of EE and its not difficult at all to have one ! So dear friend I believe that you exaggerate , with respect Apollon .

    1. Condition have changed! Now you dont need a visa for 30 days! Welcome!)

    2. Perhaps, it all depends on what country you are coming from. You are right. Everyone will have different experiences.

    3. My german friend recently tried to get a visa for longer than a 5-day stay. He had a hard time. Everyone will have a different experience.

  71. Haha, I live in Minsk! It isnt as bad as people say it is. 😇

  72. Lovely country to be in, as long as you know what to do. Best come in summer.

    1. Spring until Fall seems like the right season. Anywhere in Europe is great during the summer (aside from the tourism overflow).

  73. я думаю что наш президент Александр Лукашенко является самым лучшим Президентом на свете. и здесь в Ютубе много Людей ненавидят нашего президент. и я вам скажу почему, потому что пропаганда против Лукашенко, и ряда.
    -Павел Грыц из Минска, пока

    1. Yes, a well organized society, with a relatively friendly population.

  74. Im going there next summer. Go Belarus! Best country in Europe!

    1. @Namų Kompas no! Bielorusija best country world! 🇧🇾🇧🇾🇧🇾

    2. Best country in Europe with everage salary 200 eur… i dont thing so

    3. Its definitely a great place for tourism and inexpensive living.

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