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“Volcano-Stavka”: bahisçinin kulübü hakkında yorumlar

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111 thoughts on “Volkan kumarhanesi büyük bahisler

  1. the last hand is just ridiculous embarrassing.. he only foldet bc she is a woman he likes

  2. I dont play poker. It got recommended. Here I am.

  3. The guy at the end still didnt get to go home with oh girl, what a dumb idiot…

  4. Only true reason last girl won was because she managed to not react when he showed her his card. It made him believe she knew she was going to win 100% when he had to think quickly. Fair play to her

  5. Esfandiari… what a shitter. Faking that fold was such a cowardly move. Make the call or muck your cards.

  6. Im not a fan of poker commentators, its easy when you know what cards they have. Oh that was a stupid call, it was obviously a bluff gtfo of here

  7. Ms Finland won but played it poorly. Most good players would have called Im pretty sure

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  9. The last guy is the pure example of amateur play. You need to play a couple of rounds before you understand everyones play style.

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  11. I dont play poker, I dont watch poker, I have never clicked on something even remotely related to poker. Why the frick did youtube recommend this to me, and why did I click?

  12. People are really quick to come call a pro player stupid after busting their online games huh?

  13. ♠️ What is your personal best bluff of all time? ♠️

    1. got the full house to fold with the pair of air haha

  14. I just started playing poker for fun

    It makes so much fun…

    I can’t help it… I don’t have the Pokerface. My sister says that she can see what I think…

    I can’t see what she thinks

    I know how she plays

    If I give more money she will too
    She will give more and more

    But does anyone have some Tipps please?
    Poker is nice
    But I am such a bad player

  15. u dont raise $255k chasing a straight draw on the river cmon man

    1. Well yeah, that is one of the reason she threw him off. She was playing very strangely in the eyes of a pro.

  16. 2:00 A straight and a flush!? I see this man has played on Zynga quite a lot.

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  18. He made the point that if he folds that it could be the most embarrassing thing ever. He shouldve called for that reason alone. Not to mention, the odds of her having the hand needed to beat his was so extremely low.

  19. the second guy looks like Edward Norton and he talks like him to.

  20. Bagian terakhir itu dia cuman terkena pesona wanita, dalam poker klo sudah three of kind wajib call, kecuali ada indikasi musuh flush or straight

  21. um???? did the last guy think that miss finland would have a 37? why the hell would u fold on a 3 of a kind when theres no flush, and only straight available.

  22. Wait, isn’t this the company in all of those poker commercials?

  23. I would rather lose money than pride to that girl in the last play… LOL

  24. Everybody on utube has said the aggressive new young croud is taking over. Poker still calls for everything that made the greats the best ever. Its why we never see any of these wannabes 6 months later.

  25. Jotaro should be #1. His bluffs were so superior that his opponent fainted and foamed at the mouth. He also bet his mother’s soul. So I don’t understand how he isn’t in the #1 spot

  26. I think the last one., Being scared.
    Thought of straight against his trio.

  27. that finlan lady was good but i would never fold with trips in my hand neva

  28. Why am I seeing poker? Youtubes algorithm is unpredictable

  29. #1 isn’t even a bluff just a dumb bitch not even knowing what’s happening lmaooooooo

  30. I think Benny Spindler picked up on the fact that he was being messed with because the other guy didnt go all in yet, so he just beat him to the punch.From that point on no on e was gonna mess with Benny again.


  32. He was fooled by miss Finlands beauty. Any idiot wouldve called that after invested so much chips in it. It was her beauty that got him.

  33. ronnie the good ole guido rather wanted to bang ms finland than win a pot against her… moron

  34. The last one annoys me so much, who the fuck would fold that hand

  35. Best bluff from all time is from Joao Simão, but he was supported by another poker team.

  36. The last guy is very stupid .. he didnt use his brain for a second.
    She couldnt have had a straight, flush, quads or full house.
    So whatever she has you win you idiot!

  37. He was already thinking about playing with her cat.. hence she won

  38. @2:45 with As on the board and still call a raise is not a good call even if he won that bluff in the river

  39. why would you fold that hand????? omg that was terrible poker

  40. she was waiting for 3 but the last card was 6 you can read her nervous face after that

  41. NO ONE can bluff me. Mostly because Im an idiot and Ill match people even with a pair of 2s.

  42. FYI they are dating right now. Miss Findland and the guy😍😍

  43. Negreanu is pretty unbelievable. He called that guys hand..
    Miss Finland bluffed because shes pretty.

    1. She didn’t bluff because she’s pretty, this guy folded because he’s an idiot

  44. The one with Vanesssa is not a great bluff. I mean there is already 2,34 and 6 on the table. Huge probability for a straight and esfandiari with just a pair. Anyone would fold

  45. Top two bluffs: Yukon Brad vs. Ivey & Moneymaker vs. Fahra. Both missing from this list…

  46. @8:11 that dude fold a winning pair of Kings with a board showing shit no flush and just running cards to make straight..bad read bad play

  47. Tom dwan vs Sammy 72 vA6…?????

  48. Lasr girl can do that bluff cuz Blackpill Is real… She dont need that money tbh…

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  50. You gave me the right one and it works now I can vouch for you Webdarklord on telegram and was even able to withdraw my cash from the credit card all thanks to you man.

  51. The gainful camel genotypically raise because church complementarily blush versus a superb crime. substantial, plausible facilities

  52. He didnt just lose 2M. He lost the girl as well.

  53. Embarrassing how emotional our Finish beauty queen was on live television. Well not everybody can contain their feelings 😀

  54. The last one was not a good bluff at all. The lady clearly didnt know what she was doing and it was so obvious. I do not understand why the guy folded. You would expect to see bluffs and plays like this one at a friends house party with people that play poker once in a blue moon. Not at this level… you have to be kidding me.

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